Design , January 12 2017
2017 Interior Design Trends

Gearing up for the year and getting our ducks in a row means making sure that we know what to look for when adding more to a space. Keeping with the color of 2017 (link to previous KBCO blog post) these interior design trends will add an earthy balance to a colorful space or accentuate an already natural space. Here is some of what you can expect to see more of in the interior world this New Year…


Sticking to the color scheme trend Pantone predicted for this year, terracotta bring in this earthy and muted palette. Out with the white, cool tones, in with the warm Sedona vibes! And go beyond the stereotypical idea of this ceramic and instead think of it as a color to incorporate into any space.


Like Terracotta, cork sticks to this idea of out with the marble and white, in with the homey and warmth of these natural earth colors and textures. Think side tables, coffee tables, even cork stools for the bar. This trend is very eco-friendly. Which works great with the classic hotel interior vibes of metals, glass, and white.

Mixed Metals

Basically every article on interior design trends for 2017 is saying to do your best this year to let go of the white marble everything trend and instead they want you to think more Restoration Hardware, which means bring all the metals to the tables, chairs, lobbies, etc.

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