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More than ever the internet is obsessed with the latest and greatest beauty and skincare routines. Between the rise of social media for advertising, beauty blogs, and millennials, hotels are doing their best to up their beauty game.


If you are in the hospitality industry, then you know that most of the world’s top beauty companies have had contracts with major hotels for years. And of course, you know the products and what hotels carry bigger names like Bliss, Aveda, and L’Occitane.


But we are here to share some of the beauty world’s most coveted products that add a whole new level of design to the aesthetic of these hotel bathrooms. Beauty gurus everywhere are stocking up on some of the hottest niche beauty products and these hotels are up on the trend.


Le Labo

Several upscale and lifestyle hotels have started stocking up on this cult favorite. Le Labo is a New York-based label that hand crafts unique made-to-order scents and beauty products that instantly can elevate a hotel bathroom.  


Fairmont Hotels stock their rooms with the infamous Le Labo scents. And Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, TX carries their Santal 33 line. You can also find an exclusive scent that Le Labo collaborated to make with the Park Hyatt Hotel in NYC, Tubereuse 40, complimentary in all guest rooms-swoon.


The greatest thing about this product is that whether you’re a patron lover of the high-end hotel bathroom seen here.


or you love local lifestyle hotels that bring a modern edge to their bathrooms like here, this product is wanted by all different kinds of design lovers and used to elevate all kinds of spaces with its’ unique and enchanting aromas.


Rudy’s Barbershop X Davines

Ace Hotels all over the country keep hotel guests feeling indulgent by exclusively keeping their rooms stalked with Rudy’s Barbershop X Davines  products. Story goes that in 1999 when the first Ace Hotel took up residence in Seattle, it was located right down the street from Rudy’s Barber Shop and they have been friends ever since.


Rudy’s eventually opened up several storefronts and partnered with the eco-friendly beauty brand Davines and voila-a beauty consumer match-made in heaven. Along with these products they also keep the bathrooms stalked up with the all natural Portland-based soaps Pearl+.



Who isn’t trying to always get their hands on Aesop’s lotions?! The Gramercy Park Hotel and Hotel Americano in NYC carry this Melbourne based design-conscious beauty line. The minimalistic and earth tone packaging looks great displayed in any luxury bathroom.



What’re some of your favorite hotel beauty products?

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