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by KBCO Design Team.
Design , March 9 2017
How the Coffee Industry is Affecting Hospitality
Coffee is a global trend that never seems to go out of style. With each passing year, new research is...
Design , March 2 2017
Wall Art Trends for Hospitality
It’s always exciting when there’s a bare wall in your space that is just waiting for the perfect piece of...
Design , February 23 2017
Spring Inspiration: Colors and Details of Hotel Interiors
Spring is just around the corner! We’ve talked about Greenery as Pantone’s, Color of the Year. But now the season...
Design , January 26 2017
How Millennials are Affecting the Design of Hotels
The internet loves to speculate on what millennials are into, constantly. Whether it be beauty-related, coffee-related, politically-related, or pop-culture-related, millennials...

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