Design excites us, it pushes us to create and inspire.”
by KBCO Design Team.
Design , October 18 2017
Five Must-Haves in Luxury Hotel Bathroom Design
At KBCO, we are extremely fortunate to be in the business of passionately creating beautiful, compelling, and memorable hospitality spaces!...
Design , October 11 2017
Hospitality Design: The Creation of a Color Story
The process of formulating a compelling color story for a hotel project can be quite daunting, while we do love...
Design , October 4 2017
Natural and Organic: Interior Design Trends for 2017
  This year, our team of talent at KBCO is finding that interior design trends are veering increasingly more towards...
Design , September 28 2017
Why Choosing the Right Color Palette Matters
  It is amazing how colors have their own kind of language. In an instant, a certain color can set...

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