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by KBCO Design Team.
DesignUncategorized , July 26 2017
Hotel Lobby Trends
The hotel lobby is the first impression guests get of your hotel, and it sets the tone for everything. The...
DesignUncategorized , June 8 2017
The Importance of Trade Shows for your Hospitality Business
One of the most crucial decisions you can make in terms of networking for your business is trade shows. However,...
DesignUncategorized , June 1 2017
How to Choose the Right Color Palette for your Hotel
Have you noticed that most hotel chains have colors like light blue, light green, and beige all over?   That...
Uncategorized , May 4 2017
Design Spotlight: Fortress
This was a fun remodel. We really got to take this office to the next level and create a fun and...

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