Design , March 9 2017
How the Coffee Industry is Affecting Hospitality

Coffee is a global trend that never seems to go out of style. With each passing year, new research is discovered that brings change and elevation to how coffee is produced, sold, marketed, and made.  

While mom and dad love their Starbucks and instant coffee, they will drink just about anything as long as they get their two Splendas and a splash of milk. Millennials are different, they want local, hand-poured, with sugar-free almond milk. They will walk or Uber to wherever that is. This is why the hospitality industry must continue to up their coffee game to reach all consumers.


While trends are always changing, it is globally recognized that coffee consumers have grown accustomed to a much higher quality of coffee than ever before. Partnering with a local roaster or coffee shop has the potential to bring more locals into your hotel, which in turn grows your reputation for future guests.

For example, the Portland Ace Hotel partnered with Stumptown and carried it in their hotels and restaurants long before both franchises grew to the size they are now. Even though Stumptown has become one of the biggest distributors of coffee, it still feels like you’re getting that local coffee shop experience when staying at any Ace hotel.

Today, all of their hotels have become more than just a place where out-of-towners choose to stay, but where locals convene daily to feed their caffeine addictions.


It may seem small, but considering factors like these that could set your hotel apart from other hotels in your neighborhood and ultimately elevate your hotel’s atmosphere and create a space that resonates with people and keeps them coming back.

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