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Custom Art for Hospitality Interiors

The What, Where, Why and How of Custom Art

The word custom, when it comes to interior design, exemplifies the terms unique, different and matchless. When “custom” is used to describe art, most people assume that it must be extremely expensive and hard to come by. Do NOT let this word fool you! Custom is the easiest type of art to come by because it represents a person’s unique style and passions. Let us all ask ourselves a few questions.


What is Custom Art?

Believe it or not, there is more than one meaning. Custom art can be anything from printing out a design that a person created with Photoshop onto a canvas, to hiring an artist that creates a masterpiece based on a person’s thoughts and ideas. Depending on where this art will go and what purpose it holds, the degree of custom art can vary from macaroni noodles glued onto a piece of paper to having a tattoo artist draw out a tattoo design that you verbally describe to him or her! Don’t forget about collages of different items such as photo frames, clocks, oversized letters, etc. These can all be put together to describe a theme in the room or a personal style.


Where to Put Custom Art?

Depending on the piece of art, custom art can potentially be set up anywhere. Inside, outside, the floor, the ceiling, etc are all places that are perfect to consider. For example, imagine an eight foot mirror encased in a beautifully, hand-carved, wooden frame. A mirror of that size could be put anywhere in a space to make it look bigger. Placing it horizontally on a wall will open up a room and make it feel much more spacious. Another option is to have it as a leaning mirror. Custom art like this is perfect for a bedroom, living room, family room, etc. and can even double as wall art behind a couch or desk! These uses are becoming more and more popular in the interior design scene and it is definitely a welcomed trend. These are only two options for where to place a custom designed mirror (art) in a home or hotel room!

Photo by Sylwia Pietruszka on Unsplash

Why Use Custom Art?

Why not?! First of all, here at KBCO, we believe in creating a style that is unique to each customer. Get to know what patterns, color palettes, fabrics, etc. that you love and enjoy and integrate it into your art! If you are passionate about safari animals and appreciate neutral colors, go to an art fair and look for a piece that represents your style! It does not necessarily have to be a framed painting to go on the wall. Look for statues, mirrors, even an eccentric lamp could that would catch a few interested glances.

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash


How to Get Custom Art?

Now this can get a bit tricky. Finding an artist that can be trusted to relay another’s ideas onto a canvas is no walk in the park. KBCO is a huge fan of finding custom pieces through connections we have already made or utilizing our current connections to make new ones. Networking is always a great way to meet potential artists to help create that dream custom art. Another way is finding local art galleries and attending a few events. This will always get you in the midst of all different worlds of artistic minds. Lastly, just be creative! Gather pieces that represent who you are and your own style and put them together!


Incorporating brand and culture into a custom art piece is the challenge most customers, clients and businesses seem to run into. The thing to remember here is that as long as personal style and passions are incorporated when searching for the perfect piece custom art, you will always be successful!

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