Design , June 27 2016
Designing Kid Spaces

Some of our favorite hospitality projects have been those that were aimed at pleasing kids. Designing through the eyes of the younger demographic is FUN!

Between the themes, the characters, the color palettes, the atypical finish opportunities, the custom-fabricated furniture, and the interactive elements… Having such unlimited options can be intimidating, but we embrace it. We love a good old-fashioned brainstorming session where we can channel our inner child and get down and dirty with our creativity!

Designing for children requires special considerations behind nearly every decision and selection. Having completed multiple projects for Loews Hotels and Universal Orlando Resorts has afforded us the unique insight that comes only with experience.

Creating a space that is vibrant and exciting, yet safe; designing to a theme that provides entertainment; infusing interactive features… These are just a few ways that KBCO Design works to ensure a successful project that will capture a child’s attention and inspire their developing intellect and curiosity.

Bringing a theme to life means looking at the design from the perspective of a child.

Some of the questions we consider while concepting are:

  • What will they want to see when first walking into their room?
  • What can they touch, smell, see, and play with?
  • What parts of the room will excite them? What will provide comfort or function
  • How can we WOW! them?

The possibilities are endless, and we revel in the potential of each new project!

Most of the Loews Resorts properties at Universal Orlando Resorts have kid’s suites designed by KBCO Design. The Portofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, and Royal Pacific Resort have completed suites, while Sapphire Falls Resort will soon be joining their ranks with an exciting new design that will be rolling out toward the end of this year.

These resorts are an ideal vacation spot for families who are looking for a hotel that truly cares for their younger clients. The kid’s suites give children a vacation that is customized for them. Parents are happy and reassured that the entire family is taken care of, and having a room for the kiddos to be engaged and occupied for a measure of time is worth A LOT after trekking the parks all day. Not only does the hotel see an increase in revenue, it sees an increase in the happiness of its clients!

Partnering with a property that understands and values the talent, skill, and experience required to pull-off a successful kid’s suite build-out is very rewarding, for everyone. It’s not easy to envision a tastefully themed design that also incorporates the necessary guestroom amenities needed for a successful room. Add in the layer of working with licensing for character-based rooms and it’s a task that requires care and balance to meld the various personalities and differing objectives for each company involved.

We are proud to say that after pouring hours upon hours of our team’s heart and soul into these projects, kid’s suites have become one of our “specialties”. It is especially gratifying when the client calls to report unprecedented returns on their investment, sold-out rooms, and rave reviews from families that have stayed in their suites!

We would love the opportunity to share more with you!

Click here to visit our portfolio for images of projects past, and keep checking back for a few that are soon to be rolling out!



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