Company News , November 8 2016
Exercise Your Right!

Hey, hey, Election Day is finally here! It has been a long and bitter battle, so we’re sure we’re not the only ones celebrating the homestretch!

Sure, voting is an American’s civic duty, but it’s also an honor and a privilege. Amid the many heated debates, let’s just take a moment to be thankful that we have a choice. It might not be a great choice this time around, but it’s still a choice that each of is free to make… or not.

As Americans, this is the fiber that binds us. Though we don’t have to agree on everything, we’re all in this together. We will all have the same representatives on either side of the election. Once elected, we have limited control over the day-to-day decisions that they make on our behalf. We just have to trust that they will operate in our best interests.

What we do control is how we conduct ourselves… How we treat one another… And the mark that each of us leaves on the people that we encounter. At the end of the day, we can agree to disagree, which is so much easier done when we practice kindness and respect.

The past year or so has had a lot of us on edge, and expressing some pretty strong opinions and judgements. Today is the day to turn those thoughts, ideals, and opinions into actions, friends… VOTE!

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