Design , January 26 2017
How Millennials are Affecting the Design of Hotels

The internet loves to speculate on what millennials are into, constantly. Whether it be beauty-related, coffee-related, politically-related, or pop-culture-related, millennials have influenced and affected it all.


They are the generation of instant gratification-the double-tap to like. While much is attributed to them being the generation of social media, they are also the generation directly concerned with eco-friendly and design-conscious everything.


Millennials prefer lifestyle, or what we identify as “boutique” hotels over large chains. They want something that seems unique but still trendy. 70% of millennials say they want an immersive experience while traveling and 78% say they wish to learn something new. The idea of the “local” as not only a brand for each hotel but a design is important because millennials want to dive into the local culture. Hence, hotels’ design, artwork, amenities, and services must embrace and reflect the interiors and style of the location in which they operate.


They also look for hotels that are concerned with keeping  up-to-date on relevant technology, stock local beers, and carefully select eco-friendly and design-conscious amenities.


Most big hotels are trying to continually listen to what millennials want and stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, a new trend has started where big hotels are opening not just opening smaller hotels, but opening lifestyle hotels.


Whether it’s Hilton’s Canopy by Hilton which caters to a demographic that really wants the feeling of local surroundings, or Best Western’s new line of stylish concept hotels, Vib, the industry is shifting to stay relevant to future generations.


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