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Restaurant Design Ideas

Restaurant Design Ideas

While on vacation, travelers look forward to the break from food preparation. In fact, most travelers make the exploration of local restaurants an important part of their trip. While away, travelers may be more adventurous and willing to try new foods that they may not have access to back home. Hotel restaurants are becoming more and more important, and therefore – great design is critical. Dinner at a hotel restaurant for two, can easily cost $120 if not more, depending on the caliber of the restaurant and chef. It is important that restaurants have unique and stand out interior features that are on par with the hotel décor and are cohesive with the cuisine and location. Hotel restaurants are becoming more and more highbrow, and if designed and planned well, they can help add to a hotel’s revenue in a big way. Full service hotel rooms do not include kitchens, and guests need to eat. If guests are leaving their hotel to find a restaurant –  they are taking their money and experience elsewhere. While it is important to offer other restaurant options to guests, when they ask, you will still want your hotel restaurant to be a top contender.

Local Flare
Guests are willing to pay for experiences that they can’t get elsewhere, so whether that is featuring local dishes or having a local chef, those details can be crucial in having guests book their reservation at your restaurant. With local dishes, you can play up flavors and ingredients that are unique to your hotel and area where guests are staying. Plus, when you use local ingredients, it lets you change the menu seasonally. This way, guests who frequent your establishment will always feel as though they are eating at a new restaurant each time. With a focus on local and seasonally planned dishes, the interior design can do the same, using local materials, color schemes and design that makes sense with the vision of the restaurant. Examples of ways that we may customize our interior design process is to source locally made furniture or prints and use colors that are authentic to the location and culture of the city, and further help us to tell the story.

Designing With Your Senses In Mind
One innovative way to design the interiors for a hotel restaurant is to make it a sensory experience. One that has design elements that cater to all 5 of your senses. This includes specific lighting for specific meal times or lighting that compliments certain dishes, music that either inspired the chef when making the dishes or just music that represents the restaurant, different textures for touch wallcoverings, lighting, furniture and upholstery, accessories, place mats, silverware, fresh floral arrangements etc. can all help to accompany the restaurant, and then of course the taste and flavors of the food. This is an innovative interior design concept because it is all focused around the dishes and bringing them to life through different senses. One that will surely be unique to your hotel and your restaurant.

Center of Attention
Hotel restaurants have to remember that while the majority of their services may be to hotel guests, locals and tourists will likely also be visiting their establishment, so it is important to add in design details that can create a unique and special experience. For example, the Faena hotel in Miami has a gold cover wooly mammoth fossil in their garden. This is a great focal point that guests can take photos of and document, but also locals in Miami will visit the hotel for dinner, just to make sure they see the wooly mammoth fossil. By having these center-of-attention design details it allows guests to speak to our design and the experience guests can expect to have in the restaurant. Other restaurant interior design ideas are to play up the garden aesthetic. Perhaps we add in a larger than life wooden bar element that has carvings and details in it with plants and ivy wrapped around. These center of attention design elements get guests talking about your hotel and with the popularity of social media, you can guarantee even the Instagram foodies will want to share a photo of your design.

Neutral Hues
One of the trends for hotel restaurants is to keep to a more neutral color palette, and to rather let the food be the focal point. This works in a way to not have the interior restaurant design take away or distract from the main focus; the food. With a more neutral color palette and design style you have the opportunity to appeal to a wider variety of guests. How often have you your cup of tea? Hotels and restaurants will absolutely be judged by their visual appeal as well as their services and cuisine. People have lots of choices these days, cuisine is equally impressive.

While food should be the main focus of any restaurant, we believe that hospitality design is imperative and we have fun with the interior design knowing that the choices we make, have the ability to draw guests in to the space and complete the impact that their restaurant experience leaves them with.

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