Design , March 2 2017
Wall Art Trends for Hospitality

It’s always exciting when there’s a bare wall in your space that is just waiting for the perfect piece of framed (or unframed) art. Up and coming hotels are gravitating toward trends like framed posters of current artist’s work to give their hotel a pop of local color. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite wall art trends and how they can be used to spruce up any space.

Framed Print Images

Hanging printed graphics is a great way to bring in color and keep your hotel feeling young and on trend. A nice clean frame can elevate a poster and give the artwork and the wall a clean structure and focal point.


Bold Canvas Paintings

Colorful geometric shapes add depth to any space. In contrast with these clean white walls, it gives some flare to an otherwise neutral room. This is a great way to add color but keep your space feeling and looking modern and minimalistic.


Statement Graphics

You can get even more creative with wall art and try something new and different. Hanging it in unique places like behind the concierge desk or leaning up against the wall creates character and draws your guest’s eyes to the beauty of a space they might have otherwise overlooked. Choosing wall art with words is a clever way to promote your hotel’s space. A statement print like this will be captured and shared by guests and sought after by future guests.


Choosing bold wall art  with clean lines and symmetry can elevate any room and help modernize your hotel’s (or home’s) space. If you haven’t already, give it a try! 

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