Design , February 7 2018
Most Wanted List: Standout Features of Stylish & Modern Hotel Guestrooms

There are many things that make a guest room appealing, but only the best of the best rooms really know how to use the classic qualities and make them stylish! Every guest room needs the same essentials regardless of the hotel, so why not make those essentials stand out and capture the interest and appreciation of the guest? Here are some things to incorporate to keep the guests coming back!

Trendy Bathroom
It is not just for showering! Install a vanity in the bathroom connected to the sink. If a ____ sink is installed, make sure to have something for guests to set their toiletries and other personal items on top of. Also, make sure that piece of furniture is close to the sink for convenience. Another feature to make the bathroom appealing is a great shower! Good water pressure along with an aesthetically pleasing design such as glass doors and stone walls can go a long way!

Stylish Seating
Throw in a chair or, if there is room, a small couch! This will go a long way with guests, especially if they have guests over to their room. Having no place to sit other than the bed might make the room a little uncomfortable to relax and hang out in. There are plenty of different types of chairs that are trendy and the options for upholstery is limitless! Make it unique to the hotel and it could potentially become a staple; the one thing people always remember about the room and relate to that specific hotel!

Impressive Wallcovering
Add a feature to the room with an accent wall or faux brick or wood. Another option is to throw in a few abstract paintings here and there that go along with the hotel theme to will potentially bring more brand awareness to the hotel. Guests love when a hotel can incorporate who they are into the character of the room and wallcoverings are the perfect option to do so.

Room Amenities
Having great amenities in the guest’s room is imperative for that person to have a great experience. As long as there is a working television, a refrigerator and potentially a microwave will make or break the room experience. Another piece of technology to put in the mix is a stereo that has an auxiliary cord that will hook up to any phone, iPhone or Android.

Yes, we want to keep it stylish and trendy, but those items will not matter if they happen to be uncomfortable! While people want to be aesthetically pleased, they also want total comfort, especially when it comes to sleeping and lounging around. The bed and pillows should both be tested to make sure that they are above average because let us be honest here, it’s the worst when you the hotel bed is stiff and the pillows are WAY too fluffy to rest comfortably. No guest wants to have back or neck pains in the morning, so make it a point to prioritize this!

Once all of these incorporated into the guestroom, guests will develop a sense of loyalty and continue to be a valued customer. It is the little things that people appreciate the most and accommodating to these simple must-haves will help complete the best possible guest experience.

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