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by KBCO Design Team.
Design , February 21 2018
Customization: Why Most Guestroom Furniture is Custom Designed & Made To Order
Most of the time, hotel guests may be under the impression that furniture is be bought from a big, corporately...
Design , February 14 2018
Hotel Guestroom Lighting Trends for 2018
  If you have ever been to a hotel before, you have noticed that you almost have to walk around...
Design , February 7 2018
Most Wanted List: Standout Features of Stylish & Modern Hotel Guestrooms
There are many things that make a guest room appealing, but only the best of the best rooms really know...
Design , January 24 2018
Sustainable Design
What is it? Sustainable design is becoming more and more sought after. It’s purpose is to reduce negative impacts on...

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